A Roman statue of Venus and Mars is displayed at Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's office on Nov. 18, 2010 after being restored. Mars got a new penis and Venus a new hand under orders from the Italian leader.
Credit: Andreas Solaro

Well, finally. Thank you targetmap.com, a website with customized data maps, for a long overdue look at penis sizes around the world.

(Hat tip to the Shanghaiist blog for first pointing it out to us).

But before you get all excited, let me just tell you that Asia does not fare exceedingly well.

According to this interactive map, all of the world's least well-endowed countries are located there, with South Korea bringing up the rear at 3.8 inches.

India and Thailand and Cambodia go head to head (to head), each coming in at a solid 4 inches.

China's little soldiers, ranking 4.3 inches on average, are a good match for the average Japanese Capt. Winkie (also 4.3).

But the real weenies seem to be in the Congo (7.1 inches), with Ecuador not far behind (6.9 inches).

And in case you're still unsure of which country you'd like to visit next, get a load of this:

Another map that attempts to correlate penis size with IQ — two things that, in the case of China and Africa, appear to be inversely correlated. Titillating.



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