YouTube's newest stars (VIDEO)

It's never been easy to make money from YouTube. You need a lot of clicks to pull in lots of pennies.

But, clearly, some innovative and energic people are starting to figure it out.

Our friends at Business Insider have compiled a list of YouTube's biggest rising stars in March, using data from TubeMogul.

The secret?

Here's how Business Insider put it:

"You either make unique videos that turn "viral" or focus on creating consistent content that builds up an audience and increases views."

The monthly power rankings list includes a lot of humor, plenty of stupidity and tons, and tons, of personality.

And who's the most powerful on YouTube right now?

Sketch comedian KassemG, who has taken a funny page or two from Sacha Baren Cohen's approach of the hard-hitting man-on-the-street routine. He also has more than 1.2 million subscribers.

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