Operation Odyssey Dawn began Saturday with coalition missiles targeting Moammar Gadhafi's tanks and air defenses. Is the United States leading this effort? Meanwhile, relief and rescue efforts continue in Japan and time is of the essence as over 12,000 people are still missing and 8,000 have been confirmed dead so far.   Noel King, managing producer for The Takeaway talks about what we can expect from the relief and rescue efforts this week. Takeaway and WNYC economics editor Charlie Herman is following the disaster in Japan and the continued unrest in Libya will affect U.S. markets. Also, what's in store for Egypt after voters approved changes in their constitution? President Obama's trip to South America continues as he pursues trade deals with some of the fastest growing countries on the continent, but what is he planning on doing in El Salvador? And will AT&T's purchase of T-Mobile change the future of wireless?

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