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New species discovered in Amazon


New species discovered in Peruvian Amazon.

The creature discoveries are some of the first of their kind in decades. The findings were reported in Zootaxa, a scientific journal that concerns itself with neither zoos nor taxes but, rather, newly-discovered animals. The article abstract tells us the new critters have been given snazzy names —Heliotrygon gomesi and Heliotrygon rosai — and it describes them in pornographic detail, focusing in particular on the animals’ “stout and triangular pelvic girdle," and their "very slender and acute anterior extension.” If that’s got you feeling excited, the BBC has pictures, and reports that most of the specimens were discovered near Iquitos in Peru. In case you're curious, the species in question isn't a bigfoot. They're two new kinds of freshwater stingray, and they're are bigger, browner and more pancake-shaped than their non-Amazon cousins.