UNESCO figures in today's Geo Quiz: The UN's cultural organization this week celebrated 40-years of fighting against smuggling. Its 1970 Convention on illegal trafficking of cultural artifacts has been signed by 120 countries. It commits nations to banning and preventing the import, or sale of stolen cultural goods. The black market for antiquities is said to be as profitable as drugs or arms trafficking. With that in mind, we're looking for one of the world's biggest collections of ancient antiquities. The museum contains many important pieces of ancient Egyptian history This museum's Royal Mummy Room is one of its gems, where you can see the newly discovered mummy of Queen Hatshepsut. This museum was in the news recently. Looters reportedly broke in during anti-government protests and damaged two Pharaonic mummies. UNESCO's sending a team of antiquities specialists there next week to investigate. So, can you name this museum? Geo Answer: The answer is the Egyptian Museum in Cairo which holds one of the world's most extensive collection of antiquities. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Irina Bukova, Director General of UNESCO about recent reports of looting at the Egyptian Museum and about the international trafficking of stolen cultural goods

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