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Charlie Sheen is not Chinese


Actor Charlie Sheen on June 10, 2006 in Los Angeles, Calif.


Kevin Winter

Charlie Sheen is not Chinese.

We know this because of the way he has been acting, which in recent days has included rants about how he has "tiger blood" and about how he isn't bipolar but may in fact be "bi-winning."

All recipe to make one's father hang his head in shame. That is, if one's father is Chinese.

According to Global Times, a Chinese publication whose English-language version is known for its sense of humor, Sheen's recent and public struggles point to a plethora of differences between the East and the West, culture-wise.

In a piece entitled "Charlie Sheen is not filial," the paper skewers the actor for things like going on television and talking about drugs and his private sex life.

Here's an excerpt:

"... Sheen goes on television and boasts that he has two girlfriends, who both sleep in the same bedroom. Is he too poor to set up his wives and mistresses in different houses?

"In Chinese society, these problems are dealt with delicately and privately. Sheen is like a typical Westerner throwing fuel on the fire with each interview and tweet. It is almost as if he feels no shame and is loving the attention. ...

"As much as Sheen has lived a life most Chinese men can only fantasize about, our admiration of him can only go so far. He has not only lost face with his public rants, but also crossed a cultural barrier no Chinese can abide. ..."

Most say the editorial is a parody of the paper itself, nevermind Charlie Sheen. The question then would seem to be, how did it get past the censors?