Chinese web attacks US ambassador's presence at Jasmine Revolution

U.S. Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman Jr’s presence in the crowds around Beijing's quickly dispersed Jasmine Revolution last weekend is drawing new criticism, with photos and video emerging on a Chinese website that seems to have taken the matter up as a special cause.

The "The 4th Media," which appears to be a slick, nationalistic Chinese website with English and Chinese versions, took Huntsman to task for his appearance amid the rally on Sunday in Beijing’s Wangfujing shopping district. The ambassador, a popular former Utah governor who is likely running for the GOP presidential nomination next year, has not commented. A spokesman said he and his family were just passing by Wangfujing during a regular Sunday outing. It’s not an entirely implausible explanation, given the popularity of the area as a weekend gathering spot.

The 4th Media wasn't buying it, posting a video of Huntsman at the rally and saying he was there as a cheerleader of critics of the Chinese regime. The video is subtitled with antagonistic words from the cameraman to Huntsman, but the actual audio can’t be heard clearly. It does show Huntsman moving through the crowd near McDonald’s with what appears to his wife and a young daughter.

The English version of The 4th Media appeared to be down after it was linked to via the popular China media watchdog site