Slow down, or you'll miss today's Geo Quiz: We are looking for a tiny little town in southeast Australia. It's located in the state of Victoria. Such a small town would not ordinarily appear on a world map but the Victoria Transport Accident Commission has an idea that's attracting some global attention. The commission has convinced the town to change its name for one month in order to raise awareness about road safety. So what is the name of the village we're looking for? It's Speed — that's right Speed — population: 45. But for the month of March, residents have agreed to rename their town "Speed Kills." They've even made a video about it: And for added emphasis, one Speed resident has decided to change his own name. Local wheat and sheep farmer Phil Down will change his name to Phil "Slow Down" next month. Victoria road safety officials are hoping the campaign spreads globally. In fact, they've already identified several towns in the US called Speed. No word on whether those towns will also change their names.

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