In a press conference held Monday evening, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker said that it was time to move forward on a budget repair bill currently stalled by the absence of the state's fourteen Democratic state senators. The senators fled Wisconsin seven days ago in hopes of stalling a bill which, they say, hurts the middle and working class by stripping unions of the right to collectively bargain for benefits. With 19 seats, Republicans can pass the budget bill; without 20 sitting members, the Senate can't vote on spending measures. Later today, the Wisconsin State Senate will convene to pass "non-spending" bills and act on several appointments, with or without the presence of those senators.   If the Senate finds a way to convene without its Democratic counterparts, what will they vote on, and will it essentially force this seven day stand-off to a close?    For the answer, we speak to Wis. State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald.