Conflict & Justice

The Guerrilla Trail

The civil war between the state and Maoist rebels cost Nepal millions of dollars over its six-year run, but now that the peace reigns and the new republic is inches away from a constitution, Nepal tour operators are banking on rebel chic to woo trekkers, reports the Guardian.

The so-called Guerrilla Trail is being marketed by Swiss Nepal Family Trekking.  It passes through remote villages, like every Nepal trek, but it goes to the rebel-controled areas where Maoists once levied a tax on trekkers for right of passage. 

The Guardian says:

It is one of the new routes into previously closed areas being promoted during Nepal Tourism Year 2011 (NTY2011). The 13-day trail climbs steeply up to altitudes of nearly 4,000m (13,000ft) and temperatures are subzero during the winter. Tourism chiefs, who clearly have faith in the stamina of foreign visitors, hope the new route will help double tourism numbers to a million.