This month, in honor of the publication of Studio 360's book Spark: How Creativity Works, we asked listeners to show us how they made something creative from an unexpected combination of materials. Scores of projects poured in. They were so good, we chose three winners. Maurice Kenji Clark transformed his Jeep into a rhinoceroses – and then made a stop-motion animation movie of it roaming the wild. Ten-year-old Mary Elizabeth Greeley made an ingenious, kid-sized relaxation tub out of a cardboard box filled with hundreds of those styrofoam packing peanuts. And Franceska McCullough. Her eye-popping sculpture representing the orbits of the planets is made with hot glue and more than 20-thousand toothpicks. The contest may be over, but you can still see listener entries and submit your own. We love seeing your mashups!    Slideshow: Winners and Finalists   

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