[waitingforcorrection: audio needed. audio added. doublecheck to make sure that duration appears eventually.] Verifiable updates have been hard to come by in Libya, where more protests have been reported over the past several days. There is a notable absence of independent journalists reporting from there because of iron-clad restrictions on the press and on the internet. Protests were reported by ex-patriots around the world who have contacts in Libya. The protests were aimed at Libya's ruler Moammar Gadhafi, who has been in power for 41 years. What is the situation in the North African country today, and what does it say about Gadhafi's rule?   Dirk Vandewalle, Professor of Government at Dartmouth College and author of "A History of Modern Libya" gives us some perspective on Gadhafi's role in the country. Ghazi Gheblawi, a Libyan blogger and poet in London says one of his friends, a journalist, has been reported missing in Libya.

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