We have been talking all week about the battle lines being drawn in Washington over the 2012 federal budget proposal. So we asked you how you'd fix the budget. We received a huge response from listeners and we've picked a few suggestions to consider on air this morning.  David Walker, U.S. Comptroller General from 1998 to 2008 explores the economic viability of your suggestions and Takeaway Washington correspondent  Todd Zwillich  gives us the chances on whether any of our ideas would pass in Congress. Phil from Boston, MA says: Make 70 the age at which social security kicks in for retirees and I would remove the upper bound on income subject to social security tax." Michael from San Antonio wrote on our website: Cut defense. I am military and I can say confidently that we need to make BIG cuts in defense. Not in salary (we all know that enlisted members of the military are not overpaid) but in number of service members and superfluous programs. We need to weed out the underperformers that just pick up their pay checks....Oh and corvette stunt driving school for Navy SEALS. Sorry guys.

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