Indian PM to break silence on corruption scandals

India's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will meet editors of the country's major TV channels to address questions surrounding the way he has dealt with a flurry of corruption scandals that have emerged in his second term, reports CNN/IBN.  Singh, who has always enjoyed a reputation for personal honesty, has so far kept mum on the flurry of scams involving the Commonwealth Games, rice exports, telecom spectrum and defense-owned real estate.  But now there's a pressing need to ensure that Parliament can resume functioning, as the budget for the new fiscal year must be passed this session.

Meanwhile, the BJP has moved the goalposts after winning a concession from the Congress to allow a joint parliamentary committee to probe the 2G spectrum scam.  Now, the opposition wants the JPC's brief to include an ivestigation into the Commonwealth Games and the so-called Adarsh scam -- which involves the allotment of army-owned land for a real estate development in Mumbai.