We're headed for a Central Asian country that's soon to host a beauty contest a horse beauty contest. The Central Asian nation of Turkmenistan is quite proud of its horses. The Akhal Teke breed is considered a national emblem. Now the country's president has decreed that beauty contests be held every year for the thoroughbred horses. So exhibitions, races and yes beauty contests are set for April in Turkmenistan's capital. The Akhal-Teke breed goes back to ancient times. Some say they're descendants of horses ridden back in the 13th century by Mongol raiders. Others say Turkmen raiders first bred these horses in a desert region of Turkmenistan — a rocky, flat desert that lies to the east of the Caspian Sea. These horses may have been the best way to cross it. So what's the name of the desert that covers much of Turkmenistan? Geo Answer: The answer is the Karakum Desert, where the prized Akhal Teke horses originate. Turkmenistan will soon host a beauty contest for their prized breed. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with horse breeder Jessica Eile-Keith to find out more.

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