They're Russian, They're Rich, They're Back

It’s been a tough couple of years for Russia’s richest. The financial crisis that hit in 2008 wiped billions off their worth. Imagine the tears that were cried as each yacht, Maybach, private jet and French country home slipped from their possession.

But don’t be sad! According to a ranking released Monday, Russia’s uber-rich are BACK and there are more of them than ever.

An annual rich list published by Russia’s Finans magazine found that Russia counted 114 dollar billionaires in 2010 (beating 2007’s record, when it counted 101). But – stick with me here – those 114 billionaires are worth a total of $182 billion, lagging behind the $221 billion that 2007’s 101 billionaires were worth.

The list was dominated by Russia’s steel magnates, reflecting just how much the country’s wealth is currently being driven by its resource hungry neighbor, China.