With protesters in Egypt successfully overthrowing President Hosni Mubarak, following successful protests in Tunisia, we take a look at Yemen. That country has seen protests all weekend –  not from the opposition but from the youth of the country, who have organized primarily via text messaging. Noel King, managing producer for The Takeaway, looks at why the U.S. should be keeping a close eye on what's happening in Yemen, as well as in Iran.   Back in the U.S., President Obama is set to give in his budget proposal for 2012 to Congress. This is bound to lead to a very acrimonious few weeks and months in Washington between Democrats and Republicans, according to Charlie Herman, economics editor for The Takeaway and WNYC Radio. The 2012 budget is being proposed even with last year's budget still not permanently funded by Congress. And the G20 Summit is set to start this week –  but there are those who believe this summit is just a waste of time and doesn't accomplish anything.

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