Most of us prefer to fast-forward through TV commercials in our everyday lives. But on Super Bowl Sunday, the ads are almost as hyped as the game itself.

Featuring celebrity endorsements, special effects, and the kind of humor that pushes the envelope, Super Bowl ads have the potential to become iconic, and our digital age, viral.  Not surprisingly, this also means the price of a commercial is high. For this past weekend's game, companies paid approximately three million dollars per thirty second spot. (Check out some of the ads after the jump.)

But were this weekend's ads any good? Here to give us a filmic assessment of the ads is our movie date podcast team: Rafer Guzman, film critic for Newsday, and Takeaway producer Kristen Meinzer. "Parking Lot"

Doritos: "Best Part"

Chevrolet: "'Transformers' Bumblebee" " Girl"

Volkswagen: "The Force"

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