Melissa Rae Gagnon

Many of the artists featured in Spark: How Creativity Works talk about how unexpected materials inspire them to create great things. We want to know: Have you ever made something fantastic out of unexpected materials? A gingerbread high rise? A bouquet of roses out of bacon? Maybe a toy dog fashioned from an ink jar and screws? Show us your creation and tell us about what went into making it.

See fantastic entries already submitted by Studio 360 listeners!

The favorite entry (as determined by Studio 360 producers) will be posted on our site, featured on our February 18th show, and possibly more -- plus we'll send you a copy of Spark.

Submissions posted before 11:59pm ET Sunday, February 13th will be eligible for mention on the show, et. al. But we'd like to see your ideas anytime -- feel free to keep posting!

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Now for some legalese: By participating in this creative challenge, you unconditionally grant WNYC and PRI a universal license and right to distribute, display, modify and reproduce your submission in perpetuity. WNYC and PRI will provide appropriate creative recognition to all participants in the challenge.

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