Working without light today....


I was forced to fall off the map today, as we lost power in Delhi from about 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Nope, there was no big winter storm, just the usual snafu of living in India -- where the whole country is starved for power.  

Not long ago, one of the country's largest utility providers admitted it really has no clue about how to deal with the gap between supply and demand.

Here's the Times of India:

While the annual demand is around 2,800 MW, the shortage varies from time to time. When there is shortage, the utility buys power at the last minute to manage the crisis. It is currently buying around 1,000 MW per day from private companies.

During summer, the city faces power cuts, sometimes unscheduled. Fringe areas like Nagarbhavi complain of longer power cuts of five to six hours. The shortage is usually around 150 MW to 200 MW.

Right.  That's summer.  But what about today, one of the mildest days of the winter?