Delhi concerned Commonwealth Games buildings are going to hell

NEW DELHI: The Delhi government has expressed concern over inadequate maintenance of the newly developed "world-class infrastructure" for the Commonwealth Games and frequent stealing of valuable government property, the Times of India reports. The paper says Delhi is concerned about the damage to greenery, parks and illuminated monuments. In a letter to the heads of agencies in charge, state urban development minister A K Walia cautioned that continued damage to costly and modern infrastructure is bound to cause irreparable loss to the city's glory. The city had been praised by visitors, sportspersons, officials and the international community during the Games.

Notably, Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, the showpiece of the CWG, was built for the 1982 Asian Games.  By the time the CWG came along, the conditions were so miserable that it had to be gutted and rehabbed.  Meanwhile, it was only used a handful of times for big events during the intervening 30 years.