YouTube Video: Man shot in Egypt protests


A YouTube video circulating online shows a dramatic scene of a man being shot as he runs down the street with other protesters.

The video clip, which is part of raw footage from the Associated Press, shows a helicopter flying above and people running when suddenly a shot is heard, and a man falls to the ground. Another man rushes to him and tries to pick up his limp body. Others come to help, and the group carries the man away as they scream into the street.

Those inside Egypt might not be able to see this video for the near future as the government reportedly shut down internet service in anticipation  of what looks like of large protests Friday. The government also sent out an elite special operations force to take up position in strategic places around Cairo like Tahir Square, which saw some of the biggest protests on Jan. 25.

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Here is the video:


Meanwhile, in another video posted on YouTube, U.S. President Barack Obama addresses the protests in Egypt. He notes that the Middle Eastern country is an ally of the United States, but he also stresses the need for reform there. Obama says: "Violence is not the answer in solving these problems in Egypt."

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