Bihar chief minister cracks down on bureaucrat corruption

True to his pre-election promises, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is cracking down on government corruption, India's Economic Times newspaper reports.  

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had set an example by declaring his assets, prompting his ministers too followed suit, the paper reported. Subsequently, the government asked IAS officials to make disclosure by January 31, but the majority failed to do so.  Now the deadline is February 28, after which violators will not be able to draw their salaries.

Will the corrupt cry foul?  Maybe not.  Once I was discussing this matter with a well-connected criminal lawyer, and he explained that the reason that jobs in the Indian Administrative Service are so coveted in Bihar is that the "side money" is so good.  Not to mention the salary, I said. 

"Yaar, the side money is so much they're forgetting to take their salary," my friend replied.