Crop circles wow Indonesia

After bizarre "crop circle" formations appeared in a remote Indonesian rice field, the nation's space agency is attempting to shut down suspicions of alien meddling, according to the Jakarta Globe.

First off, yes, Indonesia has a space agency. They haven't sent a human into space, but the country's national aeronautics institute has a tight relationship with Russia's cosmonauts and experience launching satellites into orbit.

The crop formations discovered in Java -- a 70-meter diameter series of strange-looking circles -- are the result of "human intervention," Indonesia's space experts told the Jakarta Post. Nothing unusual appeared on radar screens, they said, and no investigators will be sent to the site.

Locals, however, are unconvinced. People have flocked to the field for a peep and overnight entrepreneurs are selling photos like mad.

Crop circles are more commonly discovered in the U.K. and U.S., though Asia has had its share. In 2006, Chinese news agencies reported crop circles near Xi'an, home of the famed Terracotta army. And in 2009, mysterious circles were blamed on a rash of hallucinating wallabies.