Every year the National Recording Registry at the Library of Congress selects 25 recordings to be preserved for all time. One song chosen this year is R.E.M.'s "Radio Free Europe." It was the band's first single and a breakthrough moment in indie rock. Produced by Ben Manilla and Media Mechanics.       Bonus Track: R.E.M. Live at Tyrone's O.C. We have a real rarity to offer: a cassette recording one of R.E.M.'s first appearances, in 1981, at the club Tyrone's O.C. in Athens, Georgia. (Audio courtesy of Mike Henry, with permission from R.E.M. embed_audio( 'http://audio.wnyc.org/studio/studio122410f.mp3', 'id1166921428504c710b857-a5dc-40f4-98b5-2cb92600dd50', 400, '', '' );