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Christmas in Korea Amidst Military Tensions

It's Christmas Eve morning in America, but on the other side of the world, in South Korea, the sun has already set on Christmas Eve, and "Santa Grandfather" ? as he's called in Korea ? will be arriving soon with his deliveries.

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A national holiday in South Korea, Christmas is traditionally a festive time for both children and grown-ups. But faced with the reality of growing North Korean aggression, we can't help but wonder: is it Christmas as usual this year in South Korea? And how are Korean Americans coping?

We're joined by Seine Kim, a Korean American who lives in New York. Most of her family, including her parents, still live in South Korea. We also speak with Sunny Heo, a sophomore at Dongseo University in South Korea. She is concerned about North Korean aggression but is optimistic and plans to celebrate Christmas as usual.