Over the past two years, we've been told to expect a silver lining to the housing crisis. At a first glance, the release of tomorrow's foreclosure numbers should add to that optimism, as analysts expect the number of new foreclosures to drop dramatically. But does that mean we've truly passed the worst moments of the housing crisis? Louise Story, Wall Street and finance reporter for our partner The New York Times, helps us get behind the numbers. And for a personal look at the impact the housing crisis continues to have across the country, we speak with Aaron Timlin, executive director of the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit. Aaron's home was foreclosed upon when his non-profit work could no longer pay his salary. We also speak with Susan Radke, from Dearborn, Mich., who may face foreclosure soon, as her property is falling underwater, and hear from estate agent Behrooz Shahidi, who gives us his own take on the housing market.

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