Our listeners have had a lot to say during our coverage of WikiLeaks and the news on Julian Assange, from all parts of the opinion spectrum. Kevin from Kansas had this to say: Assange is not some hero making us aware of a policy he disagrees with. He just releases as much sensitive information as possible to create damage. What if he was leaking information damaging to you? Prosecute him to the MAX. Ivan from Geneva had a different take: I'm surprised to see those who feel strongly against what Wikileaks has done calling for the death and assassination of its leader. Wow. Regardless of his heroism or criminality, a few years ago someone released the names of American taxpayers cheating on their government with bank accounts in Switzerland. The US government was only to happy to get a hold of those records and to use them. OK, so they're a government and tax dodgers were breaking the law. But Wikileaks is a journalistic organisation going after information it can make public. That is what all journalists do.

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