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Gypsy jazz band

Three gypsy jazz musicians came to The World's studio to speak with host Lisa Mullins and demo their music

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Three musicians came by our stories recently for a live performance.They play gypsy jazz, the kind played by the great Belgian gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt, who would be 100 years old this year and French jazz violinist Stephane Grappelli.
Jonathan Joubert plays a guitar copied after Django's own instrument.
Ben Powell is a classically trained violinist who discovered Stephane Grappelli in his teens and switched to jazz because of him.
On the day they came by they also brought along guitarist Jack Soref.
Together, they played a few tunes, including �Coquette,� a tune written by Django Reinhardt. Joubert and Powell are recording a new album,�Gypsy Times:Back to the Future� that will be released next year.