Jewelry, helicopters and pricey wines are all up for grabs in the Geo Quiz this time. The luxury goods are being auctioned off in the city that we want you to name. The auction features some of what Mexico's police force has seized from drug traffickers over the years. Call it narco bling, or simply the ill-gotten spoils of a brutal drug trade. The stuff is expected to fetch 80 million pesos or more than 6 million dollars. That still represents just a fraction of the 40 billion dollars that Mexican drug cartels are estimated to earn from drug smuggling. The auction wraps up on Friday in the biggest city in the Americas. It's a mega city known for � among other things � a downtown landmark called El Angel or the Angel of Independence. Geo Answer: The answer is Mexico City, where an unusual auction is underway. Mexico's Customs Department is auctioning off luxury goods and property seized from drug cartels. The World's David Leveille has the story.

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