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Environmental art in Iceland

For the Geo Quiz, we head for the southern-most village in Iceland. This quaint Icelandic village is 100 miles or so south-east of the capital Reykjavik. About 300 people live there and this outpost at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean is one of several far-flung settings for an environmental art project called 350 Earth.

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In each place, artists are creating displays that are big enough to be seen from space.

So, name this southern-most Icelandic town that's home to Atlantic puffins, black sandy beaches and the Katla volcano.
Geo Answer:

The answer is the village of Vik. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with environmentalist Bill McKibben about a global art project called 350 Earth designed to highlight the impact of climate change around the world, and with artist Bjargey �lafsd�ttir who will create a huge mural of a polar bear in Vik, Iceland.