The top cotton producers

The high price of cotton figures in today's Geo Quiz. It's Friday, so there's a good chance you're wearing blue jeans to work today. Well, the casual look is getting more expensive now. Industry experts say the price of cotton is at its highest in 15 years and could go higher still.

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That's putting clothing makers under pressure. Those blue jeans, bath towels and cotton socks will cost more. Not to mention coffee filters, some kinds of paper, and other products made with cotton.

So for our quiz we're wondering where does the world's supply of cotton come from. We'd like you to name the top three cotton producing nations. Together, they account for more than 65 million bales of the soft stuff�
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The answer is China, India, and the United States. We find out what's going on in the world of cotton from author Stephen Yafa. He's written a book on the geo-politics of cotton called, �Big Cotton.�