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Remembering Big Mama' from Ghana

Malkia Brantuo,a teacher from Detroit who moved to Ghana years ago, died earlier this week. The World's Laura Lynch had met her last year while covering President Barack Obama's Ghana trip at Ayensudo Academy, that Brantuo had opened in 2004. Brantuo's granddaughter sent us this note informing us about this tragic development.

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�I am the 1st grandchild of the woman who built the school in Cape Coast, Ghana. My grandmother name is Malkia Brantuo, unfortunatly Big Mama as Everyone called her has passed, 11-8-10. She would have invited you with open arms. The school will continue to operate, also she opened a school in the states as well. Thanks for the interest. If any information is needed please fee free to contact me through my email. Asante' Peace�

-Ericka Pace

Brantuo was an actively involved in the US civil rights marches of the 1960′s and had been jailed a couple of times. She first visited Ghana in the 1970′s and after a few trips finally settled there in 1989.