Obama in India: The monkey problem



BOSTON — Indian security forces are doing their part in protecting President Obama during his trip to India this weekend.

According to the Telegraph, Delhi police are constructing 30-foot towers near the exclusive ITC Mauriya Hotel where the Obamas will be staying in New Delhi. The reason? To protect the First Family from terrorists.

And monkeys.

Delhi is notorious for its monkey menace — thousands of wild primates who have, on occassion, attacked humans.

It's no laughing matter: in 2007 New Delhi Deputy Mayor S.S. Bajwa fell from a window while fending off an attack by a gang of Rhesus monkeys. The official died.

Spurred by the incident, Indian officials redoubled their efforts to deal with the primates.

In 2009, GlobalPost senior video producer Mark Scheffler filed this report: