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Poland's national cemetery

For today's Go Quiz we head to eastern Europe: Halloween's come and gone in America but folks around the world are still observing some version of the holiday. In Mexico, there are Day of the Dead celebrations. Several other countries commemorate what they call All Soul's Day today. In Northern India Christians visit family gravesites and pray.

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In Poland, too, thousands of families remember the dead by visiting cemeteries. In honor of the day we're looking for the name of Poland's national cemetery in Warsaw. There you'll find the graves of Polish soldiers who died in the 1944 uprising against Nazi Germany.

And this year a massive granite monument was unveiled. It pays tribute to the former Polish President and others who died in a plane crash in Russia earlier this year. So can you name this historic cemetery in the western part of Warsaw?

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The answer is Warsaw's Powazki cemetery. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Amy Drozdowska, a Polish-American journalist living in Warsaw, about a new monument that appeared in the cemetery this year.