One day before the mid-term election and predictions are in. Todd Zwillich, The Takeaway's Washington correspondent, looks ahead to election day and forecasts the after-effects of its results. Voters head to the polls tomorrow, but non-political happenings continue apace: the Fed will meet to discuss what to do about interest rates and the economy. Charlie Herman, economics editor for The Takeaway and WNYC Radio, doesn't see the interest rate increasing, but sees the Fed pumping more money into the economy, to try and jumpstart it. Also, in a controversial move, President Obama is scheduled to leave for a trip through Asia, before official election results come in. Zwillich says this will give Republicans a lot of prime time to control the airwaves and push their message, after what looks to be a good night for them. October jobs numbers are set to be released three days post-election; Herman says they are not expected to look good.

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