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Death of the Emperor

A wild creature shows up this time in the Geo Quiz. We're talking about a very large male deer, a stag. He is referred to as the Emperor and his domain, for the past 12 or so years, has been a national park in the southwest of England.

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This park once served as a royal forest and hunting ground. Henry VIII hunted there. The park is located on the Bristol Channel coast and it's said to be the longest stretch of coastal woodland in England and Wales.

There are wild sheep and ponies roaming the moorland and lots of red deer. Red deer stags sometimes can grow to be nine feet tall with antlers and they are prized by trophy hunters. The biggest one in recent memory was the Emperor but he's been shot and no one knows who did it.

So where in southwest England did the Emperor roam?
Geo Answer:

Many people in England are trying to answer the question� �Who shot the Emperor?� The full nickname of the animal was �Emperor of Exmoor' and Exmoor National Park, in southwest England, is the answer we were looking for. Lisa Mullins talks with the BBC's Jonathan Morris who has been following the story.