We are just eight days away from election day, and Democrats and Republicans are campaigning at full throttle. First Lady Michelle Obama is on the West Coast, trying to win votes for Democrats in key Senate races in Washington and California. Marcus Mabry, associate national editor for The New York Times, sees things clearing up by the end of the week on who has the advantage heading into next Tuesday. A number of key economic numbers are also set to be released this week, heading into the elections, starting with home sale numbers and ending with third quarter GDP. Charlie Herman, economics editor for The Takeaway and WNYC Radio, looks at those numbers and how they will affect us and the election. Meanwhile, leaders from south-east and east Asia are meeting today in Hanoi, Vietnam to start a combined meeting of the Association of Southeast Asia and the East Asia Summit. Marcus sees this as a sign of things to come as China makes it clear that they are in charge.

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