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Tartini's Balkan home

We head to south-central Europe now for the Geo Quiz. The country we're looking for shares borders with Italy, Croatia, Hungary and Austria. It's got lots of mountains but also a sliver of waterfront property on the Adriatic Sea.

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One coastal city is named Piran. It's noted for its medieval architecture and the narrow cobblestone streets that lead to the town's main square. Tartini Square is named in honor of composer and violinist Giuseppe Tartini. He wrote this concerto for clarinet and strings back in the 18th century.

So can you name this country that's home to the city of Piran, the birthplace of composer Tartini?
Geo Answer:

The answer is Slovenia. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with the new mayor elect of Piran, 54-year old Peter Bossman. Slovenian media have hailed him the medical doctor who's originally from Ghana as the �Obama of Piran�. He's seen as the first black mayor of former Yugloslavia.