Some of the world's longest tunnels figure in today's Geo Quiz. The rescue of the miners in Chile via a long tunnel was an engineering feat. Several other tunnels around the world qualify as engineering marvels. The longest subway tunnel in the world runs underneath Seoul South Korea. Closer to home, the Delaware Aqueduct is an 85 long mile tunnel that brings water to residents of Yonkers New York. And then there's Japan's Seikan Tunnel. At just over 33 miles long it was � until today that is � the longest underground rail tunnel. That's because engineers today finished drilling thru rock thousands of feet under the Alps to finish a new tunnel. This one's part of the Swiss AlpTransit project, better known as the New Railway Link through the Alps. So can you name this newly completed tunnel through the Alps on the north-south axis in Europe? � for the answer we go to Switzerland where earlier today, crews broke through rock to connect what is now the world's longest rail tunnel. The Gotthard Base Tunnel runs more than 35 miles underneath the Alps on the Swiss-Italian border. The World's Clark Boyd has more.

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