"Everyone talks to Bob Woodward," New York Times White House correspondent Peter Baker told The Takeaway last week. Baker was talking about the Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist's latest tome, "Obama's Wars," which has captivated Washington with its revelations of bitter infighting in the president's national security team. In the book, Woodward describes a deep divide in the White House over Afghanistan strategy, as well as a president weary of increasing military presence even as he authorized an additional 30,000 troops on the ground there. Serious tensions exist between top military officers and the commander in chief, who felt boxed in by the military when they failed to provide him options other than a troop surge. Woodward also portrays clashes of egos and personalities among the military and civilian officials in charge of Afghanistan strategy. Bob Woodward joins The Takeaway to talk about his new book, and what lies in the future for the Afghanistan war.

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