For our Geo Quiz today � follow the Tigris River. The Green Zone in central Baghdad � now called the International Zone � is well known. It served as the hub for American operations in Iraq. And while it's now controlled by Iraqi security forces, it's still home to the US embassy that overlooks the Tigris River. The place we're looking for today is also near the Tigris River but 100 miles north. We want you to name the US Army's Contingency Operating Base or COB near the city of Tikrit. Saddam Hussein housed Iraq's Air Force Academy here. As an American base it was renamed in honor of a US Navy pilot who was killed in action during the 1991 Gulf War. So can you name it? Think quick� The answer's coming up here� The US military base north of Baghdad is named COB Speicher. Producer Jake Warga, embedded with the US Army in Iraq, talked with some soldiers there to find out what their lives are like and what music they listen to. Here's what one soldier from the 3rd Infantry Division says is high up on her iPod playlist:

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