Earlier this year, we introduced you to an Indian artist named Vijay Singh. For decades, he painted the bright, larger-than-life murals that showcased current attractions in Delhi's old Bollywood movie theaters. But when digital printing recently put him out of a job, he had to find new patrons for his movie-mural artistry. Now he's part of an emerging niche market for ex-pats who want to get in on the over-the-top romance and action of Bollywood flicks: custom movie posters.

Turns out the talents of artists like Singh have been snatched up by CB2 --- the younger, hipper offshoot of home dcor staple Crate and Barrel. "In an effort to keep this art-form alive," the company offered "limited-edition, signed paintings ... on cotton canvas in a wash of colors ranging from henna to river mud."

Alas, it appears "world map painting: brave new (old) world" has sold out --- Bollywood muralists like Singh have clearly gone global.

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