India-10-04-05-Fatah-Art1-RAW.jpg: A photo exhibit at Ancestral Village, Lutolim, (Goa) depicting the various phases, people and processes involved in making and distilling feni
India-10-04-05-Fatah-Art2-RAW.jpg: Once the cashew apple is separated from the seed, feni workers begin the tough job of squeezing the juice out of the succulent apples
India-10-04-05-Fatah-Art3-RAW.jpg: A feni worker takes a break as juice from the apples pours into a sizable earthen pot

India-10-04-05-Fatah-Art4-RAW.jpg: Juice from cashew apples flows into an earthen pot

India-10-04-05-Fatah-Art5-RAW.jpg: Feni passes through a pot submerged in water during the distillation process

India-10-04-05-Fatah-Art6-RAW.jpg: The distilled feni pours into a clay pot set connected to the pot inside the tank

India-10-04-05-Fatah-Art7-RAW.jpg: A feni bottler strikes a match as Alveres prepares to demonstrate the pureness of feni on a plank of wood


India-10-04-05-Fatah-Art9-RAW.jpg:A bottle of pure cashew feni bottled for the season by a private farm owner

India-10-04-05-Fatah-Art10-RAW.jpg:A range of differently spiced feni bottles suggest the drink has both medicinal and pleasure value

India-10-04-05-Fatah-Art11-RAW.jpg: Feni has traditionally been stored in wicker and bamboo baskets like these ones

India-10-04-05-Fatah-Art12-RAW.jpg:Big Boss, one of the leading feni companies in India produces these bottles to attract more high end drinkers both in India and overseas

India-10-04-05-Fatah-Art13-RAW.jpg: Bar offerings demonstrate how differently the drink can be enjoyed

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