Another British invasion is underway. Almost fifty years afterThe Beatles,The Stones, andThe White Queen of Soulfound their way to American shores, a group of talented young ladies is grabbing the spotlight.

This week,V.V. Brown stopped by Studio 360to chat with Kurt and play a few live songs with her band. Brown's driving rhythms and retro-soul style are already topping the charts in Europe, and she's set to begin a U.S. tour next month.

Here she performs her big single, "Shark in the Water" in our studio:

And if you likeV.V. Brown, be sure to give a listen to another young English musician:Rox. She also fuses soul, jazz, and pop influences, but still manages to sound fresh and original. Maybe that's because of something else they have in common: both Brown and Rox have a Jamaican parent, and both say they draw musical inspiration and confidence from their family traditions. Their songs are bouncy and upbeat, but don't let that fool you. The lyrics and the music possess real depth. Watch Rox's video for "My Baby Left Me" (the single officially drops March 15), and see for yourself:

- Michael Guerriero

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