Three leaders of Haiti's women's movement were killed in the January 12 earthquake. All three had been part of important advocacy work of great benefit to women and girls in Haiti. We speak with Carolle Charles, a friend and colleague of the women, about what those deaths mean for the future of women's rights and activism in Haiti. The women who died were long-time friends and colleagues of Carolle Charles. Myriam Merlet was an especially close friend and was a guest at Charles' home in December 2009. Charles says she is still drinking the coffee that Merlet brought to her home in NY as a gift; she has known her since 1976. Charles met Merlet when they were both studying for their Masters' degrees in Montreal, Canada. Magalie Marcelin last visited Charles in New York in September. Charles says that Myriam Merlet and Anne Marie Coriolan were at home when the earthquake struck, and died there.

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