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Today's Geo Quiz --- will cost you. Gold is the ultimate currency. In fact, you could call it a global currency.

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It's currently selling for about 933 dollars an ounce.

That would be one "Troy" ounce. By the way, the Troy system of weights goes back to medieval times. It's still used for precious metals.

The name comes from the French city of Troyes. But I digress. There are plenty of other major currencies that are internationally traded:

The Japanese yen, the Mexican peso, the Russian ruble.

Other currencies are a bit less familiar. For instance, the Nigerian Naira... the Polish zloty and the Panamanian Balboa.

And here's another .... The Baroon Dollar.....though its not an official currency. We want you to guess which country is home to the Baroon Dollar.

Here's a hint: it's the world's smallest continent...