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Fighting between the Taliban and Pakistani army in the Swat Valley has created the largest exodus of refugees that Pakistan has seen since the partition with India in 1947. Many who have fled have found themselves in refugee camps, others have moved in with families, seeking safety in cities and slums alike. Photographer Edwin Koo documented their plight.

Read about one of the refugee camps here.

About the photographer:

Edwin Koo graduated from the School of Communications in NTU, Singapore. He spent five years working in newsrooms, shooting everything from fashion to disaster coverage. In April 2008, he headed to Nepal to cover the dawn of a new era — the overthrowing of a monarchy and formation of a republic, largely under communist influences. He decided there were stories to be told, so he gave himself a couple of years to be its witness. He is interested in how sociopolitical issues affect the "everyman," and he believes that photography is the universal language to tell these stories.

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