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Archie's bachelor days are over


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It’s probably been a few years since you read an Archie comic. But get this – Archie is marrying Veronica. That’s right, Veronica – the super-rich, super-spoiled teen queen of Riverdale. And that means Archie is not marrying super-sweet girl-next-door Betty.

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The actual comic book where Archie proposes to Veronica isn’t due to go on sale until August, but the story’s out and making waves wherever Archie comics are popular. Surprisingly, that includes places like India and Kenya. Take a listen to the reaction and marital advice coming from Archie fans in those two countries.

WOMAN: I don’t like it because I like Betty. And I want him to get married to Betty, not Veronica.

MAN: I don’t think it’s a bad idea. I think Archie’s always loved Veronica. He should just go for it.

WOMAN: No, I think he should not marry her. He should marry Betty because she’s more sweet and caring.

WOMAN: Oh, my God! Finally, after like centuries and centuries. But I really think that’s wrong. Archie’s supposed to be with Betty.

MAN: I think it’s a bad idea. Archie’s broke. I don’t think he’ll be able to maintain her lifestyle and she still carries a torch for Reggie. I mean, really – it’s just going to be the same old rivalry. What’s the point? He should stick to Betty.

WOMAN: If he likes Veronica more, he can get married to Veronica, and that’s nice. My sense is I like Veronica more than Betty, so I’m happy that they both are getting married. I’m more like her.

They’re all so enthused. Anyway, those were comic book fans in India and Kenya reacting to the news that Archie is to marry Veronica.

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