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The world's largest lizard figures in today's Geo Quiz. Australian researchers have discovered something new about the Komodo dragon.

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Komodo dragon: photo Paulette MitchellKomodo dragon: photo Paulette Mitchell

It kills its prey just like a poisonous snake. Scientists used MRI scans to locate venom glands in the dragons' mouths. So if your travel agent suggests a visit to the Indonesian island where these fearsome creatures live, maybe, think twice.


?The shore excursion came with some serious warnings I mean we were told that they 6 feet long weigh up to 300 pounds that their jaws are powerful that their teeth and talons are as sharp as razor blades and they actually have a deadly bite and it was a little bit of a risky trip.?

So what's the name of this world heritage site where the dinosaur-like Komodo roam?

It's only one of the 17,000 islands that make up the Indonesian archipelago. Throw a dart at the map - if you must, because the answer's coming up...